XDK Support

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Starting at1)

EUR 300.00 per calendar month

1) The fee refers to the S Premium package with up to 2 hours of support per month.

Specialists and Field Application Engineers from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH individually support users by solving application specific challenges in commissioning, programming, developing use cases and connecting Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) devices.

Get the right data fast and via the preferred interface. In addition to finding help in the XDK community, the Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH offers a personal support hotline.


The hotline for the XDK device support helps users along the complete engineering process:

  • Apply the XDK Workbench as an integrated development environment for programming the device, including building and binding a library
  • Communication interfaces of the XDK like WLAN or Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as with USB interface in the case of sending and receiving data to an XDK device
  • Help regarding XDK MQTT as a messaging protocol - is designed for lightweight machine-to-machine communications and IoT applications
  • Information about XDK FreeRTOS as a lightweight, open source and real-time operating system (RTOS) built specifically for embedded systems
  • Assist with any questions about the XDK

Service packages

Four different packages and one add-on offer are available for Bosch XDK Support with the following conditions:

  • Prepaid package with 8 hours of support (to be redeemed within one calendar month): EUR 1,600.00
  • S Premium package with 2 hours of support per calendar month: monthly EUR 300.00
  • M Premium package with 3 hours of support per calendar month: monthly EUR 450.00
  • L Premium package with 4 hours of support per calendar month: monthly EUR 600.00
  • Premium add-on offer with additional support hours (S Premium add-on offer: 10 hours, M Premium add-on offer: 11 hours,
    L Premium add-on offer: 12 hours):
    monthly EUR 1,600.00

The Premium packages are especially worthwhile for users who want regular support. In addition to a Premium package, users can book the specific add-on offer.

Term and termination

The term for the Prepaid package lasts one calendar month and automatically terminates after one month.
All premium packages shall initally apply for a term of twelve calendar months. It shall be extended automatically by a term of twelve calender months unless terminated by giving one month notice. The terms for the Premium add-on offers last one calendar month and automatically terminate after one month.

Contact XDK Support and languages

Ask your questions via email to support@bosch-connectivity.com and you will receive an answer via email or by telephone. Support is given in English and German.

Terms of payment

The support services are invoiced per calendar month.


Users need an XDK and an installed XDK Workbench on a Windows, Linux or macOS system on hand to follow the instructions from the support specialists.

Product details

  • Offering: Support
  • Provider: Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Service provider: Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH
  • Languages: English and German
  • Term and termination:
    • Prepaid package: Term of 1 month that automatically terminates after 1 month
    • S, M and L Premium packages: 12 months term with a 1 month termination period and a renewal period of 12 months
    • Premium add-on offers: Terms of 1 month that automatically terminate after 1 month