Starting October 1, 2020, Bosch IoT Marketplace will only be available within the Bosch Group.

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The Bosch IoT Marketplace helps customers to find a suitable solution quickly and easily. By offering a selection of IoT solutions from different providers and a configurator they can adapt offers to their individual business requirements. This video gives customers an introduction to the platform.

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Learn more about the Bosch Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which brings together the exchange and improvement of innovative IoT solutions and services within a secure infrastructure on a cross-industry marketplace.

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Introducing the Bosch IoT Marketplace

The Bosch IoT Marketplace offers secure collaboration for the exchange of IoT software, solutions and services. Our aim is to bring together our customers, developers and different Bosch domains. This platform is a good breeding ground to generate new business models around IoT.



For customers

The Bosch IoT Marketplace will provide access to end-to-end IoT software, solutions and services currently available. You can find further information in the product catalogue

In order to start buying on the Bosch IoT Marketplace, go ahead and start the registration process.

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For developers

The Bosch Developer Portal is an open and easy to use platform made for developers to engage with Bosch products and services via APIs and IoT services. By offering developers access to the range of Bosch resources, innovative services can be built simply and reliably. Getting started is easy using the Try-Out option for APIs and our Bosch developers are here to support along the way via our online community

 Industry expertise

IoT expertise simply connects here

Our aim is to offer a truly end-to-end, cross-industry resource that brings both Bosch products and services together with customers. By doing so we can collectively create new business models within specific industries and domains, whilst simultaneously providing a common marketplace for IoT solutions accross several industries.

Industry 4.0

With a more connected industry, future production needs to adapt rapidly to changing market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge.

Sensor Aided Manufacturing

By connecting the manufacturing lines of a Bosch plant in Feuerbach with XDK sensors, a project team increased the productivity of the plant and decreased downtime. That was achieved by collecting process and environment data and analyzing them with enterprise software.

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Creating connections with real benefit

We believe that connectivity is more than just technology. It’s part of our lives. In every sphere, Bosch is working towards a connected world. A world that opens up possibilities no one could ever have imagined.

Secure by design

The Bosch IoT Ecosystem provides a secure, protected and trustworthy environment, which connects people and things with services and solutions by following well-established security standards and state-of-the-art security technologies.

Platform and infrastructure security

We consider security from end-to-end and across the entire lifecycle. This includes design and development, operations and decommissioning. We deliver multi-layer security mechanisms and we do so based upon highly reliable infrastructure.

Data protection

We ensure the protection of personal data and the security of all business information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. We work to ensure that the services and solutions we offer comply with applicable law as well as industry-specific standards.


IoT products and applications require sustained protection from attack at an infrastructure and application level. The security of our platform is maintained by the Bosch Cyber Defense Center (BCDC) which provides preventive measures. In addition, the Bosch Computer Emergency Response Team (Bosch CERT) and the Product Security Incident and Response Team (PSIRT) provide reactive measures.


Bosch is renowned for high quality engineering standards. We apply the same commitment to our IoT platform, services and solutions ensuring that well-established security standards, mechanisms and technologies are in place.

Industry conformity

All services and solutions offered on the Bosch IoT Marketplace are checked for their conformity.